"Together we go further"
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Rodrigo has been working with us for 6 years, where he currently is in charge of marketing area. Within the company, there is something he really likes about his job: "The variety of opportunities and various tasks that can be performed, knowing that collaborate not only to the development and commercialization of products, but also to be part of their needs and activities of families with at least one baby at home.

Also the dynamism of my job makes me feel very enthusiastic, because all the time we are making new projects, making the job very agile and different every day".


What he stands out of the company is its culture of <<TO DO>>, the spirit of the company is always "go forward",  letting mistakes happen and commit to improve day by day. "

It is not surprising therefore that his favorite phrase is: "Together we go further"


Regarding different situations experienced in the company, he quickly reminds one with humor. "In a recreational activity organized by HR, where the input was to do some exercise in the work station << Rise From Your Seat >> a partner who was next to me, wanted to hold a door for balance, the door was wrongly closed, and she fell to the ground, luckily nothing happened."


And knowing a little more of Rodrigo, who’s profession is Designer and Marketing he has many passions and does many activities: "I am passionate teacher of BODY BALANCE, SH'BAM and BODY ATTACK - Runner and Cycler, good to talk and better to eat."

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