Come on, it’s possible
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I´ve always liked to interact with all areas of the company, to know them beyond work, feeling like you can spend a pleasant and friendly time and also maintain a good atmosphere in the team. My position is Management Control Analyst (Controller) in the commercial area of the company. I've been around 5 years at the company, and from day one I had good experiences here.


Something funny happened to me the first day of work because I thought I didn’t knew my boss. The day of the previous interview was a Friday, in which he attended with casual clothes to work and at the time he didn´t presented himself as the Administration Manager; and who would be my direct boss! The situation was funny the first day, because I didn´t know who my boss was, and the situation changed dramatically when they formally introduce ourselves, I started laughing and I was forced to explain the whole situation.


What I emphasize about the company's is its capacity to move from a family model to a more corporate format, and in my case to be part of these changes and to contribute to the growth of the company. I also like the union and commitment from the workers, a situation that is key to both personal and professional development. “By the same token, my favorite phrase would be "Come on, it’s possible".


I am a quiet, cheerful person, who likes to live and enjoy life, have fun, and learn new things. In the company I like to be doing things and feel that one is useful, I also like to enjoy work, have fun in it, since one spends much time in the company”

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